SUPERMANIT™  - gifts for earning

Emotion Workshop SUPERMANIT is a perennial success story, which began in 2006; and every day it continues its march. Our goal is to promote national cultural values and tourist destinations through the manufacture of souvenir gifts. Every day our craftsmen and experts perform various operational tasks such as introduction of new technological solutions in manufacturing process, automation of business processes, analysis of the market situation, and many others. 

The core of our workshop is a strong creative team, Development department, which includes illustrators, designers, sculptors and other creative professionals. The team creates images and stories providing a unique opportunity to get pleasant emotions and takeaways from a memorable place or an event. Every month this department issues technical documentation for production units for more than 400 new products.

Our company is a full cycle enterprise: from an idea to its implementation. High-tech equipment aimed at mass production is laced with hand-made technology.

Our toolbox includes more than 18,000 positions, which are represented in almost every tourist resort area of Ukraine. In addition, our company cooperates with such countries as Belarus, Moldova, Austria and other countries of the European Union. For partners, the main value of cooperation is to obtain the widest possible range of souvenir gifts from one supplier - SUPERMANIT. We offer fresh design solutions embodied in souvenir gifts. A wide range of magnets; eco-line of products represented by articles made of wood, souvenir tableware, jerseys, etc. Today, we have ready solutions both for small and medium businesses, and large retailers.

Logistics business unit together with warehousing unit perform posting of finished goods obtained from production units, and their reallocation to customers, according to the customer's orders. Every month we process more than 1.9 thousand boxes of products.

Innovativeness - we generate and implement creative ideas, combine materials and technologies.
Teamwork - effective collaboration between departments aimed at achieving a common goal.
Timeliness - short time from the concept formation to the sale of finished product.

To create souvenirs that will help you to keep pleasant impressions and memories. And if you smile and look back when looking at your gift - we're doing the right thing!

If you are interested in creating a variety of souvenir gifts for promoting a city or a tourist destination, our team will help in the implementation of your plans.

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